profile crop_editedHi! I’m Dux.  You might recognize me from season 9 of America’s Next Top Model.  … you might not.  I am a wife to a super cool guy, a stay-at-home mom to two bratty buns kiddos and a big library goer.  I’m a Northern California girl living a Midwest life who hates the winter but loves the silence the snow leaves behind.  I love recommending books to my friends and I hate paying my library fines. I love fast paced storylines so you’ll typically catch me with a Young Adult novel in my hand.  When I’m not corralling kids, cleaning up, or reading, you can catch me watching Gilmore Girls for the zillionth time. Oh, and in case you were wondering… I was not actually a contestant on ANTM- but I almost had you there, right?

I am passionate about reading because it’s a misunderstood art form. Yes we’re smarter than non readers because we read… okay so maybe it’s not misunderstood. My point is, everyone could be a reader but we’ve been required to read so many bad books that we think we don’t enjoy reading! Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like SOME movie or tv show? NO! That person doesn’t exist. Because there is something out there for everyone! The same is true of books. My goal is to help you find a book that makes you finish it- that takes you into its world, that makes you friends with the characters, and makes you dumpster dive just for a chance to read the author’s grocery list. Once we find what you like, you can cruise over to my lists and KEEP READING!

Required reading was lost on me in high school, but I figured better late than never!  I am working my way through a required reading list and reviewing the books along the way.  But lists are meant to be updated – so check out my list of what SHOULD be required reading.


Contact me if you’d like me to read and review your book, or a book on your to-read list!


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Hawk: I’m a reformed grad student who’s decided that living next to a body of water and reading and/or writing for the rest of my life sounds a lot better than working for the man. I say “y’all” far too often for someone who didn’t grow up in the South, but if I could have a ranch next to that body of water I mentioned up there, I’d be a cowgirl. I was born in the Lone Star State, so it’s in my blood right? But my kinda sh*t-kicker is a combat boot instead of a cowboy boot. And my bedroom is full of so many dusky rose accents it looks like a fairy decorated it. So I guess you could say I make absolutely no sense to nobody. (That’s English. Scout’s honor!) Just figuring out where my voice fits in this crazy world, and happy to have y’all along for the ride!