The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston

Okay I bought this book because I REALLY wanted to reread it, only to find out that I had never reviewed it after my first read. I read this one right after Christmas last year and LOVED it. I can tell you that almost a year later it is still just as amazing as my first read through.

This book is considered a novella. I would call it a steamy romcom novella that is perfect in every way!

This is required reading for romance lovers and ALSO makes the list of required reading for travel reads!

There are so many things I loved about this book… 1: it was the successful use of a trope I typically loathe but found myself loving (sort of boss/employee). Other tropes include: small town romance, enemies to lovers. 2. It’s a Christmas book! Our main character loves christmas, loves her job and is sunshine compared to our grumpy guy lead. 3. They go to a Christmas market in Europe…this is basically my DREAM vacation.

This was on Kindle unlimited so you can read it “for free” if you have that service!

5 out of 5 stars. 3ish out of 5 steam level.

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