Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber

πŸ”₯ out of 5 steam level

Did you miss me and my posts? I know, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s not because I haven’t been reading books. But I don’t like the new wordpress block format to make my posts and last time it made me really mad. But alas, I decided I’m in charge of my own blog so if the formatting isn’t the same for a while, then so be it! (But really, that legit drives me crazy).

Anyways, shall we talk about the actual book I read? Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe. I think it’s potentially my first book in the magical realism genre! I really liked it and it was close to five stars for me.

I listened to it on audio and did have to speed up the narrator quite a bit. I would suggest reading this one if you’re able, rather than audio- but I’m kind of a narrator snob.

I really liked Natalie, I felt like she was a grown up version of a lot of teenagers I read about in Sarah Dessen novels.
I loved Gideon and Cam. I was sooooo into the chapters that featured these two guys.
I liked the town so much, I could picture it and I wanted to visit.
The town characters added to the story and didn’t distract from it. I was rooting for little plot points in the side characters storylines the whole time.
I loved all of the tea and food references!
This would be a great book club book (in fact, it was selected for our book club to read!) Perhaps I’ll eventually make it into a books & baking post!

I had an issue with Anna Kate being attached to the idea of never breaking a promise at the demise of her own happiness.
I had a very difficult time believing that Mrs Lyndon evolved as a character so quickly the way that she did.
I don’t like in a plot when people aren’t upfront about their past. I know people like it to drive you to keep reading but I find it to be unrealistic. I wouldn’t hang out with someone who is cagey when I ask them a question.
Lastly, I felt like the romance section of this book built so beautifully and then I didn’t get to experience the actual pay off of that but more of an epilogue.
I know my list seems long of dislikes, but that’s because I was really into the book and I thought it was so close to being perfect if it would’ve made a few tweaks!

Overall I would suggest this book to a fellow foodie, a bird nerd, someone who likes plotlines involving complicated family dynamics, and someone who likes reading books from multiple POVs!

Drink: loose leaf tea for the health benefits
Do: ask a relative a question you’ve always wondered about
Eat: blackberry pie
Watch: The Big Year

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