The Hating Game Strawberry Cake of Goodness

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So my love for The Hating Game is real and it’s true and there’s nothing you can do to talk me out of it!  Remember when I started reading romance (Oh it was only 3 months ago? Well I feel like a seasoned pro after my romance read-a-thon!) and I wasn’t sure if I would like it.  Then lo and behold I fell in love with THG.  So much so that it inspired me to make a cake in the theme of THG!

Also, this book is PERFECT for a bookclub.  I recently participated in a readalong WITH Sally Thorne on her facebook group (it’s called the flamethrowers and if you become as obsessed with THG as I did then you should totally join!).  The group was so great, and it was so fun to discuss the book.  So trust me when I say, if you love romance, this is the perfect book club book for you! Ps. Scroll to the bottom of this post for some good questions to ask for your book club!

for the review of this book
Click here : The Hating Game

Okay let’s get to it- this is what you’re going to make:


That’s right, a strawberry cake of goodness. That is the official title of this cake.  If you HAVE already read the book, you’ll be wondering why you aren’t making strawberry shortcake.  Well that’s because here at My Week Is Booked, we think OUTSIDE of the box.  (Well, at least this time. Don’t hold me to that in the future).  Also, this book mentions cake SO many times.  The craving became a real thing. And this cake fulfilled that craving to the fullest!

Okay fine, I’ll give you one more picture to inspire you.


Yes, that IS in fact a Joshua Templeman (the main guy from THG) themed candle.  I told you I was obsessed!

Ready for what you’ll need?

  • fresh strawberries
  • strawberry flavored cake mix (I used pillsbury because I think they’re the best)
  • vanilla pudding mix
  • blue frosting
  • card stock
  • x-acto knife
  • red sprinkles
  • matchbox car
  • a smurf (or in my case, the troll because I couldn’t find a smurf anywhere)


  1. Put cake mix into bowl along with everything the box mix requires.  Add an extra egg to the mix.  Add the vanilla pudding.  Mix together until smooth.
  2. Bake as directed on the box. (I used the circular pan option)
  3. Remove cakes from oven and let cool on cooling rack.
  4. Frost the cakes! Tip from me to you, if you want your cake to look smooth, you have to put on a LOT of frosting.  I used 2.5 cans of frosting for my cake.  That was not a typo. 2.5 cans…. In hindsight I wish I would’ve made the frosting instead of using cans bc I needed so many – but I use my time for reading!
  5. After frosting the cake- put it into your fridge for a few hours- you want it to be very cold before the next step!
  6. For the next step- I referenced this post by Studio DIY.  I basically just googled a photo of lips and printed it out onto cardstock.  Then I put the cardstock onto my cutting board and cut out a stencil of the lips with my x-acto knife!
  7. The cake has to be COLD for this next part- if the frosting gets too warm it will start melting and your stencil will stick to it!  Put your stencil onto the cake. Grab finger-fulls (I’m really good at measurements, right?) of red sprinkles and put it onto your stencil.  Remove the stencil with TWO hand holding it level so the excess doesn’t sprinkle all over your cake.
  8. Stencil the lips all around your cake.  (it’s amazing how easy this was. I was legitimately shocked that I could do something this cool at home!)
  9. Wash and cut your strawberries vertically. Place them around the base of the cake.
  10. Place your smurf and your boxcar in the middle of the cake
  11. Enjoy your Hating Game Strawberry Cake of Goodness!


You guys, I had SO much fun making this cake and sharing it with friends. I even had a friend come over and hang out with me while I decorated. It is perfect for a book club evening!

I hope you enjoyed this first entry to my newest section on the blog!



book club questions
I was talking to Life With Books who was reading THG in her book club and it inspired me to come up with some book club questions to add to this post! Keep me posted if you use them and how it goes!
1. What do you think of Josh’s ex-girlfriend bringing up her and Josh at her own wedding?
2. How do you think Josh went about winning over Lucy’s parents?
3.  At what point in the book do you think Josh came up with the idea to switch jobs?
4. Do you think Helene and Bexley are actually an older mirror of Josh and Lucy’s relationship?
5. What would you have said to Josh’s dad during the encounter the morning after the wedding?


happy eating






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