The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting

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official blurb
Lilah isn’t sure what hurt worse: the day Ethan left her to focus on his hockey career, or the day he came back eight years later. He might think they can pick up just where they left off, but she’s no longer that same girl and never wants to be again.  Ethan Kane wants his glory days back. And that includes having Lilah by his side. With her, he was magic. They were magic. All he has to do is make her see that.  Just when Lilah might finally be ready to let him in, though, she finds out their reunion has nothing to do with her and everything to do with his game. But Ethan’s already lost her once, and even if it costs him his career, he’ll do anything to keep from losing her again.

my blurb!
The story of two people who never should have broken up to begin with, trying to make it work years later.

1.5 out of 5
what i liked
I know, with such a low rating, the “liked” section of this review is going to be super small.  I might be willing to try another Helena Hunting book because I did like her writing style.  She wrote the dual perspectives in the book really well.
I also liked the cover of this book because romance novel covers are known to be a little more on the rough side.

what i didn't like
Steam factor of this book was 5 freaking saunas.  I didn’t end up finishing this book and actually didn’t even make it half way through.  It was WAY too steamy for me. I expected this level of steam to only be in a book with a shirtless man on the cover.  (Sidenote- I am ALL for romance novels straying from this whole shirtless man thing.  Do we need to announce to the world that there is going to be sex in the book you’re reading by holding up these covers?!)
Honestly at the point where I stopped reading, the characters were already together and it was so dirty and there was so much of the book left.  I didn’t want to stick around for the inevitable drama or 7,000 more sex scenes so I bailed out.

I knew going into this romance read marathon that it would take me quite a while to find books I liked.  And maybe I just wouldn’t like the genre at all.  But here’s the deal. I do like the genre, but I really don’t like the extreme steam.  I don’t like any descriptions involving bodily fluids.  (I mean… does that even need to be said?)  I need more romcom in my life, and less HBO at night.
I know I usually give suggestions on what you should do while reading books- but my opinion is to never read this book. So no suggestions!  Out with the bad and in with the good!  Remember, life is too short for bad books!

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