The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

official blurb
Nantucket is only two and a half hours away from Martha’s Vineyard by ferry. But the two islands might as well be worlds apart for a set of identical twin sisters who have been at odds for years. When a family crisis forces them to band together — or at least appear to — the twins slowly come to realize that the special bond that they share is more important than the sibling rivalry that’s driven them apart for the better part of their lives.

my blurb!
A semi- parent trap plot that doesn’t carry near as much heart.

2.75 out of 5

This was my first Hildebrand novel. It may not be my last but I certainly won’t be running to pick up all of her seasonally themed books.  I have seen her books ALL over instagram and thought it was high time I picked up one of her books for myself.  I did what every book reader does, looked up the most highly ranked book on goodreads and decided to give that one a go. (We all do that right? Ps. Follow me on goodreads!)

what i didn't like
I read the first 62 pages one day. I then put the book down, read two other books and left this one sitting on my nightstand.  It just wasn’t compelling! It wasn’t awful but it almost entirely starts out with characters and their flaws and I didn’t find myself rooting for anyone enough to keep reading. BUT we all have a rule about quitting books, right? Mine is 100 pages. I will give a book 100 pages to capture my love.  62 pages in, and I was ready to divorce this book.  But alas, I EVENTUALLY kept reading and ended up finishing the rest in 2 days.
The sisters were a little too cut throat. I have sisters, two in fact, and definitely get the whole “you’re dead to me sibling!” vibe that was happening  (don’t worry- my real life sisters are not, in fact, dead to me!). But (no spoilers) there were a few plot elements that had me thinking- wow these girls are messed up.  And by girls I mean 40 year old women.
The beginning lacked enough dialogue for me. I am PRO dialogue! If I were to become a politician I would run on that stance, and you can quote me on that.
The twists that weren’t twists. COME ON. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say that an event happens in the first 62 pages.  Then 200 pages later the outcome is revealed. NO ONE is surprised….
There were supporting characters that seemed a lot more interesting to me than the main characters.  I could do with books about Caylee and Brendan.

what i liked
I enjoyed the book enough when the plot picked up.
Ainsley- I didn’t like her at all in the beginning but she really grew on me.

while reading you should
Take a trip to the beach
Listen to some live music
Eat some ice cream

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