Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

2 out of 5
Okay, this isn’t going to be a wildly popular opinion because this book has been on so many book club lists- but this book was …Eh.  If the star value isn’t convincing you let me give you a breakdown of the book.

what i didn't like
Where is the dialogue in this book? It was almost like you were reading a diary and the writer couldn’t remember the dialogue – because who does? – so they’re just writing events and then every 20 pages give us 4 lines of dialogue.
The story was constantly switching perspectives. It was a satellite narrator who could see everything- I’m not used to that. I didn’t love it. But I didn’t hate it.
Shaker Heights (which is apparently also where the author lived in real life). It was described approximately 212,098,312 times throughout the book.  Shaker heights is all about the rules. Did you hear that? It’s a rule following town.  I’m not sure if you caught that, let me give you some more examples- Shaker Heights = rules.  I don’t think you got it…. WE GET IT!!!!  That’s how I felt about it.
I read that there was supposedly a twist in the book. I never came upon a twist. Where was it? Nothing surprised me in the plot. (That’s not totally a bad thing at all, but if you are expecting a twist, you might not find one).

what i liked
The story constantly switched perspectives.  I didn’t love it. Sometimes I disliked it. But also, sometimes I read a story with different perspectives every chapter and I don’t like all of the characters, so this was kind of nice in a way.
The plot, I enjoyed. It was complicated and kind of dark (more gray than like a deep dark and twisty plot).
The characters were complex. I liked that. But I didn’t want to spend any more time with them.

Overall I was glad when I finished the book. I didn’t want to read it anymore but didn’t want to quit the book either.   I think this book really could be a good read to some people- but it just wasn’t my style of book.  Am I crazy that I want the dialogue?! I missed it!   I cannot wait to pick up my next book and read long conversations!!!

if you would like to buy
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while reading you should
Listen to: hide and seek by imogen heap
Read: take a break reading this and pick up Stargirl
Eat: take yourself out to eat for brunch and bring the book.  This book is thought of in high esteem so you can read it at the table and everyone will think you’re cool. Just sayin.

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