8 thoughts on “My Required Reading: For Moms

    1. I know!!! I thought of that but I also thought- I mean, I read it and liked it myself so I should put it out there right?! I need to review it so people can see why I put it on the list!
      but people are SO intense about it. I’m convinced they haven’t read it bc their main point is cry it out- but the book says (almost TOO MANY times “mom’s choice is the best choice” and basically do what you feel comfortable doing)
      I have seen some moms go ape about it though. hahahh. #raiseyourownchild πŸ˜‰

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      1. It’s funny how people don’t take the whole thing into account. Our sleep style also involves some crying, but again, the theory is “5 minutes or as long as you feel comfortable with”. But I’ve still had people give me just an APPALLED look when they hear about our sleep plan. *shrug* I don’t know why it’s their business anyone. You don’t see me judging them over their co-sleeping choice.

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      2. Isn’t that crazy?! well, so you get why I decided to keep it on the list anyways. It worked for me and I liked it and I didn’t go crazy with CIO methods at all. haters gonna hate. hahah.

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  1. I would suggest Love and Logic. It’s a discipline style that I think is very helpful for making sure you’re THINKING about your parenting style before you do it. And giving choices has really helped us with our toddler!

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      1. They probably go together, but the original book is Parenting With Love and Logic. The early childhood book is probably an extension of the same principles, which I will be looking into IMMEDIATELY, haha.

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