The Trespasser by Tana French

Detective Antoinette Conway and her partner Stephen Moran’s new case looks like yet another by-the-numbers lovers’ quarrel gone bad. But Aislinn Murray’s death won’t stay in its neat by-numbers box. Other detectives are trying to push Antoinette and Steven into arresting Aislinn’s boyfriend, fast. There’s a shadowy figure at the end of Antoinette’s road. Aislinn’s friend is hinting that she new Aislinn was in danger. And everything they find out about Aislinn takes her further from the glossy, passive doll she seemed to be.

4 out of 5

A friend of mine turned me onto Tana French’s books about a year ago. I’m not normally one for murder mysteries, but I have really been enjoying them. The Trespasser is only the second Tana French novel I’ve read, but I’m hooked. French has the ability to put the reader inside the mind of the character, so we are just as puzzled by the crime and the witnesses, and just as surprised at all the twists and turns. I like the way French has her characters interact with each other. Some authors give the reader hints that the characters don’t get, so we are often able to figure out what’s going on first. But French doesn’t do that. And I really enjoy reading a crime novel written that way.

The other Tana French novel I read was In The Woods. That novel messed with my head a bit more than The Trespasser. I was very satisfied with The Trespasser‘s ending. I also ended the book still liking the characters. I would read this book again, and definitely recommend it to anyone who loves crime novels or is interested in checking out crime novels for the first time. It’s not gory, there isn’t a lot to freak a person out if she’s reading at home alone at night. Overall, a solid novel!


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