Slave, Warrior, Queen by Morgan Rice

2 out of 5

I always like the idea of Morgan Rice’s novels. She covers dragons and mystical creatures. She handles dystopian fictions. She plays in the royal court. She does it all! But I’m always disappointed by the pace of the book and the severe lack of world and character development.

Slave, Warrior, Queen has the kind of plot that would make a fantastic movie. Ceres is a classic heroine, a girl willing to defy social norms to fight for what is right. She knows her weapons, and this earns her a place as the prince’s weapons keeper. As with any young adult novel these days, there is a love triangle. This is not a spoiler.

The problem with every Morgan Rice novel I read is that she tells me what to feel instead of making me feel it. Her plots are fantastic (seriously, I always want to read all of her novels). But they feel like an outline that you might submit to your editor before you flesh out the story and give your world and characters weight. Everything happens so quickly–an entire empire nearly fell in a matter of days!

I would love to see Morgan Rice really develop her stories, because they could be amazing. Truly. I just don’t feel anything when I read them. So read Slave, Warrior, Queen if you’re bored and need something quick and easy to read. If you like to use your imagination, I think it will also provide ample opportunity to build a world around these characters and this plot. But if you’re looking for you next fantasy heroine adventure, look elsewhere.


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