If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout

For the official blurb look here

My blurb: A girl who does not have a legitimate secret recovers from a deadly car crash.

3 out of 5

Okay when I was about half way through this book I was so sure I was going to write a scathing commentary on it.  Lena, our main girl, is super annoying.  I potentially do not like fictional characters with the name of Lena because I also did not like Lena’s story line in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. (sorry Alexis Bledel!)  I do however love the love lives of Lena’s.  (long live Kostos!) and this book was no exception.

Sebastian was the hero of this novel. He was the protagonist we were really fighting for.  He was the one we wanted it all to work out for in the end.  And SPOILER ALERT- it did!  I was not a fan of his name at first because I was slightly nervous that we would have to nickname him Bassy. Don’t ask me why I thought this at all, but it was a thought in my brain.  Luckily our author knew my hangups on names and nicknamed him Seb instead. (cue the angel chorus).

I do not enjoy reading novels about characters who isolate themselves in their heads throughout their struggles.  Can someone please recommend a novel where the character utilizes the friends around them to overcome their struggle right in the beginning?!  So that was my biggest problem with Lena.

My other problem with the book is that Abi was totally selfish.  Just a reminder- she was the friend who was not car crash at all, but apparently didn’t like the attention that people were giving to Lena and wanted to make the struggle all about what Abi had also lost.   It was so annoying that people were constantly reminding Lena that they had also lost friends.  They weren’t directly involved with the crash at all and Lena was.  But I suppose that people are typically selfish and that probably is quite realistic.

Oh and the big secret that the blurb teases… what?!  There was no secret! At one point I was reading and thinking- did I miss the secret, is there some twist that is about to come??  And by the way, when Lena revealed her secret to all of her friends…THEY ALREADY KNEW! Because it wasn’t a good secret!!  whew, okay no more yelling, that just needed to be said.

I feel like I can’t totally recommend the book because I don’t really want to introduce anyone to Lena.  But in the end of the novel- she kind of grows on you.  And everyone should really meet Seb.  So I say read this in the winter, when you’re low on recommendations high on hot chocolate rations.

Read your heart out,


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