The Right Side by Spencer Quinn

3.5 stars

The Right Side follows a woman returning from war as she struggles to find her place and purpose back home. Helping to find a friend’s missing daughter reminds her of her purpose in life, and of the goals she once had for herself. She also finds a friend in a dog who won’t let her get too down on herself.

I randomly picked The Right Side up at my local library when I was there to pick up some holds. I’m a sucker for things that businesses put on display and make look exciting, so at least the library is free and I didn’t spend money I hadn’t planned on spending…

For my own personal reasons, I rarely read serious non-fiction books, especially any that deal with Iraq and Afghanistan or returning veterans. But this book intrigued me.

The Right Side is very well written. I thought the author told a great story, but also detailed the struggle many veterans face returning to the U.S. and/or to civilian life after spending time in Iraq or Afghanistan. There were some times I wasn’t sure I was going to finish the book, not because it wasn’t good, but because the author really made you feel what the main character was experiencing.

It’s not a must-read, and definitely not a buy, but if you like contemporary fiction and a little bit of mystery, you should definitely check this book out. I still think about it sometimes, and what it taught me about the human ability to overcome trauma.


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