Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby

3.5 stars

For the official blurb go here.

my blurb: thirty four chapters of wanting to yell “Colton has Quinn’s dead boyfriend’s heart!”

Do you guys remember the movie Return to Me with Minnie Driver?  I love that movie and this book is the YA version of that movie. Also, it’s a great soundtrack if you want to check that out.

so why didn’t I rate it 5 stars if I love the movie?  Well because it takes a lot for me to rate a book 5 stars, and also because the movie was better.  But the book was still good!

First of all the girls name was Quinn which is a name I love.  The boys name was Colton – which I don’t love. there was this super annoying kid in college named Colton and he’s totally ruined the name. ANYWAYS.  Quinn’s boyfriend Trent dies and  she completely cyber stalks the kid who gets his heart, I.e. Colton, until she basically worms her way into his life and they fall in love.  Okay this isn’t an amazing premise for a book but it was very enjoyable.

Also there is .25 extra added for a bias. Because again the couple travels to my ex-home of Monterey bay and I am a sucker for those things.  Hey, no one ever said these were unbiased reviews/discussions.

Big pros in this book were Quinn’s sister and grandma- her mom was alive in the book but is basically forgettable other than displaying a lasting loving relationship with Quinn’s dad.  So her grandma and sister have a lot of moxy and it is so great. Yay for women with gumption.

Cons- as a reader we should have wanted to jump Coltons bones when Quinn did.  But he didn’t give us a ton to go on.  We didn’t ever meet his parents and we weren’t sure how we felt about his sister…I’m using the proverbial “we” because this wasn’t a group reading or anything haha.  He planned great dates but I wasn’t in love with him and will not be calling him now that the pages of the book have been closed.

overall, a quick summer read- especially if you’re thinking of taking up kayaking. Oh, and I was listening to Safteysuit’s Someone like you while I was reading this book which I can completely recommend.


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