Far From the Tree by Robin Benway

3.5 stars

for the official blurb go here

my blurb: 3 stories from three perspectives about three adopted kids who find each other for the first time.

Ok there were a lot of good things about this book.  It makes you really realize how mean people are when you read Grace’s story.  You feel so sorry for her! and you also get to see the upside of adoption.  That’s probably the coolest thing about this book is you see foster care and adoption from all kinds of different scenarios and perspectives and it’s all valid.

I can’t not write about the world’s most annoying character- Maya.  First of all let me say that I am not a fan of the trend of writing from multiple perspectives in a book.  So starting off totally biased.  But when one of the characters is super annoying- also she was 14 years old and going through a lot- but sooooo annoying, you just don’t want to read her chapters.  And also she was mostly a jerk.  Her sister was so nice but Maya wouldn’t give her the time of day.

I really liked Grace and her brother Joaquin though- another reason I didn’t rate it higher was I wanted more from Joaquin and Birdie’s story.  I think as a reader we totally got gypped on that storyline!   But Joaquin was great and I felt for his character and believed his struggles.  The same with Grace. I felt her anger, and frustration, and deep loss and sadness… I know, so many emotions from one book! hah!  So for those reasons I could recommend this book- just with a major “buyer beware” for Maya.

this is an anytime read- so don’t save it until next summer!


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