Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

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My Blurb: Think of you’ve got mail. Now picture teens into movies and surfing who live in California.

4 out of 5

Ok calm down, I know 4 out of 5 stars is a big rating for me.  And I always say if it’s 4 stars it means it’s a buyable book.  Full disclosure- this book would PROBABLY be 3.5-3.75 stars for most readers.  But it had “152 insights into my soul” (you’ve got mail joke)- one being that some AMAZING scenes took place in my hometown!!!!!!!!

I kid you not, this really put the book over the top for me.  The descriptions of the places in Monterey/Pacific Grove were spot on.  I was swooning so hard over here, and it made me want to buy a ticket and go back to my old hometown.

Okay, for those of you poor lost souls who have never been to Monterey Bay and experience the goodness therein, there are other parts of this book that would appeal to you.  Can I just say- you’ve got mail?! I’ve seen that movie at least 37 times and I still love it.  So if you’re into YA and you’ve got mail- just stop reading this review and go get this book.

The characters were great! I’ll be hanging out with them in my dreams for a while.  Even the supporting characters were super solid – which is a big difference maker to me from a 3 star book to a 4 star book.

I love classic old movies- and so do these characters, so the references throughout the book with pull on your heart strings. probably to the tune of “dream…when you’re feeling blue…”  (song in you’ve got mail– I told you i liked that movie- hop on board folks!)

I could fully picture the scenes and the characters and the emotions in this book. And that was nice after the last few books I’ve read where i have had trouble imagining the characters and the situations.  This was a breath of fresh air!  The perfect summer read.


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