Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

For the actual book blurb, look here.

My book blurb: Blind teen boy enters regular public school.  Makes friends. Miraculous sight healing procedure is suddenly available to him.  What will happen when he sees what his girlfriend actually looks like and that she’s been lying to him all along?

2 out of 5

I am surprised that so many people have liked this book.  The premise wasn’t awful by any means, but I didn’t bond with the characters.  I wasn’t left wishing I could spend more time with Will and Cecily.  In fact, I even had to look up there names when writing this review, and I finished the book this morning…

What was interesting about the book was the knowledge about what actually would happen scientifically to someone who would gain sight for the first time in their lives.  Also, the realization that blind people have a totally different experience almost always- in the same exact scenario as someone with sight.  That seem obvious but to understand what I mean, you’d have to read the book.  The stories in the book about people who did gain their sight after a surgery only to loathe their lives afterwards, that part of the book was so interesting and FACTUAL.

Overall the drama with Cecily having a birthmark on her face.  That was what really did me in.  By the reactions in the book, I was expecting something more than a birth mark- people used the word “deformity” and they really couldn’t get past the whole two toned face thing.  This might have had more of an impact if the author would have described this in a better sense.  I could never really picture Cecily.

Also the other best friends were not realistic.  The best friend crew. I just couldn’t bond with them either.

And can we talk about the opening scene where Will sits on his “friend’s” lap in the cafeteria? Why was that never explained? He literally asked if anyone was sitting at the table, and the table was filled with people, yet they didn’t respond.  Which makes Will look like an idiot.  But then they take him into their friend group.  I didn’t track with that at all, and found that scene to be lacking greatly.

The best character int he the whole story was the Journalism and English teacher, and I wish there would have been more scenes with her involved.

Best quote: “You probably think blindness is really difficult, but that’s just because you have adapted to your situation.  That would be like if Superman looked at you and he was like, ‘Cecily’s life must be so terrible because she can’t fly.’  He’s only saying that because he’s used to flying. He doesn’t know that you can get along just fine with the abilities you have as a normal human.”

I would skip this one if I were you, but if you’re bored and not expecting to have your mind blown, you could definitely make it through it.


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