Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

2 out of 5

I have grown up reading Sarah Dessen’s books and loved them. To me, saint anything definitely fell short. I found myself feeling forced to even finish it.

Overall the story itself was like reading a few of her previous books- mostly the drama of Just Listen (a troubled family member, a mom who puts all of her energy into that family member, a story line of unwanted sexual attention) mixed with The Truth About Forever (guy with a great lively family, guy who is more on the shy side- in the sense that he chooses his words carefully, guy who is constantly swooned at by other girls.) Although the love interest in this novel lacks the appeal of Wes in TAF.
In my opinion it was a waste of a read because I’ve already read those stories. It unfortunately, was not an improvement to these previous novels but rather a lack-luster attempt to repackage an overdone story line.

I would not recommend this novel, but would still stick to the Sarah Dessen classics like The Truth About Forever.


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