Settle for More

I blame grad school for the fact that I am only just getting through a number of books I received as gifts over the holidays. Not because I’m still in grad school, but because I want on a binge of doing anything but reading once I graduated in December.

I chose Megyn Kelly’s Settle for More as my first book. Partly because I held a moderately liberal grudge against her for no reason other than she spent years at Fox News, and I’m blindly biased against anything Fox News puts out. I was also interested in the book because Megyn had just announced she was leaving Fox News and would be starting at NBC. So I was curious. And I don’t like having biases toward things (or people) unless I know exactly why I’m biased, and I really had no idea why I shouldn’t like Megyn Kelly.

(Word of advice for all y’alls out there: if you can’t explain why you don’t like something, go discover why you don’t like it. You may decide you like it, after all. Or you’ll at least find out why you don’t like it.)

Anyway, I mention my bias because, as humans, we all suffer from cognitive biases formed from our biological makeup and framed by our environment and experiences. It’s important to recognize that our decisions are influenced by those biases. So, knowing I had what was probably a political bias (and therefore I assumed religious and cultural bias) toward Megyn Kelly, I made sure that if I ever felt defensive or dismissive of what I read, I checked myself.


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